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Production and technologies

Synthetic calcium chloride pellets from Zirax produced via synthetic highly concentrated hydrochloric acid and high-end limestone carbonates.

Being a customer focused company we develop our technologies and production sites to produce our chemicals at most reasonable cost with minimum effect to local environment.

Zirax technologies focused around the target of getting maximum result by force of processing the minimum quantity of raw materials.

Zirax realizes the importance of necessity to keep balance of mineral sources of our planet and also economy of energy.

We are in constant seeking of ways to make our production processes more and more energy economical and consume less energy and minerals.

Environmental protection and keeping safety and comfort labor conditions for Company personnel are one of the main Zirax values.

Management of production and products quality control, wastes’ recycling management and constant control of ecology balance for all production sites are the main quality and safety guarantees for Zirax local stakeholders in line with indubitable provide of environment safety and employee health protection.

Zirax is innovative Company much open to cooperation with growing and established technological and engineering partners in calcium chloride business.

Putting ahead Customers requirements and producing the best quality specialty chemicals by Zirax creates high customer values of its calcium chloride products for global customer base.



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