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Zirax Company History

2020 Zirax concludes the acquisition of 100% of one of the leading manufacturers of surfactants in Russia NIIPAV in Volgodonsk. This acquisition means Zirax can now provide value-added R&D services to clients in the oil&gas sector for products in E&P in the field at well head and deliver bespoke solutions, in addition to the existing range of drilling fluids and additives.
2020 Zirax signs their fifth international technology transfer contract for the production of calcium chloride in Oman. The plant is to be commissioned in 2022 with the assistance of Zirax technology specialists. Construction of new production facilities in other countries has meant this technology has de facto become an industry standard. Production of high purity calcium chloride using Zirax technology reflects increasing market demands for quality.
2018 Zirax signs two technology transfer contracts for the production of calcium chloride in Saudi Arabia and in Romania. Both sites are scheduled to commence operation during 2021.
2017 Zirax purchases a 50% equity stake in NIIPAV in Volgodonsk – one of the leading surfactant producers in Russia. The purpose of the acquisition is to expand into the production and development of solutions using surfactants in the oil&gas sector.
2017 Zirax signs an agreement on the supply of innovative adsorbents from Green Ocean (Israel) for the treatment of oil spill accident aftermaths. Zirax LLC is the official distributor for Green Ocean in Russia.
2016 Zirax signs a contract for technology transfer for the production of calcium chloride for a new production facility in Port Said (Egypt).The plant was successfully commissioned with the assistance of Zirax technologists in 2019 and is currently in production.
2015 Zirax signs a contract for technology transfer for production of granulated water-free calcium chloride at a new chemical plant in Abu-Dhabi (UAE). The plant was successfully commissioned with the assistance of Zirax specialists in 2017 and is currently in production.
2015 Zirax disposes of their 51% share in Zirax-Nefteservice (Zirax Oil & Gas services) to a strategic partner to develop the service business and to increase the volume of services provided throughout Russia.
2015 Zirax acquires an equity stake in Polyex – a manufacturer of chemical reagents that increase the output of oil from wells and a developer and producer of ready reagents for oil production chemicals. The partnership with Polyex permits the supply of a broad range of products, including chemicals for capping and restoring wells, reagents for treatment of oil deposits and other solutions.
2014 Zirax commences the supply of highly effective de-icing systems under the Icemelt brand to Kazakhstan. The product is based on calcium chloride and is in high demand in a country with significant oil&gas production, an extensive road network and strong demand from the construction and food industries.
2014 Zirax starts supplies of Fudix – food-grade calcium chloride to Latin America with shipments to Colombia and Peru.
2014 Zirax captures 50% of the food-grade calcium chloride markets of Serbia and Croatia. Zirax becomes the main supplier of the same product to Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal.
2013 Zirax commences supplies of min-granules Pelletoil 94-98% to Western Africa: Ghana and Angola.
2012 Zirax initiates supplies of hydrochloric acid-based drilling fluids for enhancing oil production to Russian oil companies. The fluids are in high demand, as when blended with other reagents, they deliver up to 70% more hydrocarbons at well head.
2011 Zirax develops a pre-harvest and post-collection programme for the treatment of fruit with food-grade calcium chloride for Russian apple growers.
2010 Zirax completes the buyout of Nextra shares.
2010 Zirax is delisted from London Stock Exchange.
2009 Zirax sets up a sister company Zirax Nefteservis (oil services). The purpose of the company is to acquire in-house experience and competency in the area of services in the field of oil&gas and to gain a deeper understanding of the key markets of Zirax.
2008 Zirax purchases 50% of the shares of Nextra retail group and starts setting up a retail network in St Petersburg.
2008 Zirax acquires Solith GmbH – an Austrian hydrochloric acid producer. The goal is to establish a presence in Central Europe.
2006 Zirax signs an agreement with Solvay SA for the construction of a new plant for the production of granulated calcium chloride using Zirax technology in Rosignano (Italy).
2006 Start of production modernisation of calcium chloride production in Volgograd.
2005 JSC Global-Kaustik name changed to Zirax LLC
2005 IPO listing on the London Stock Exchange. First steps in creating a global calcium chloride producer.
2005 Incorporation of Zirax Limited in the UK and acquisition of 100% of JSC Global-Kaustik.
2002 Completion of the installation of the first stage of construction of granulated calcium chloride production site at the Kaustik business park in Volgograd.
2002 Global-Kaustik LLC is set up in Russia as a joint venture between JSC Kaustik and Global Speciality Chemicals LLC (USA).

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