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Fudix - Food grade Calcium Chloride

Zirax FudixTM calcium chloride anhydrous 95-98% pellets and powder for food preservation and processing are produced in accordance with Zirax corporate production standards, which was been developed to correspond to both Russian as international standards for food additive E-509:

  1. Codex Alimentarius (JECFA)
  2. FCC (Food Chemical Codex) 6th edition
  3. European Directive 231 / 2012 dated 9 March 2012

FudixTM calcium chloride anhydrous 95-98% pellets and powder is awarded Kosher and Helal certificates.

FudixTM calcium chloride anhydrous 95-98% pellets and powder have versatile range of applications in food industry:

  1. cheese production for speed up the process of milk protein coagulation
  2. pH adjustment in brewing industry
  3. fruits and vegetables pre- and postharvest treatment
  4. fruits and vegetables preservation (canning, pickling)
  5. water treatment for soft drinks production
  6. meat and ice-cream freezing point decreasing
  7. jelly products (ice topping, fruit preparation, jams, confitures etc)

FudixTM calcium chloride pellets and powder have significant benefits for application in food industry, including, but not limited to:

  1. FudixTM is HIGH-CONCENTRATED MATERIAL and provides at least 18% economy per metric ton of product for logistics and labor costs in comparison with low – concentrated 77-80% flakes
  2. FudixTM is not a by-product of soda – ash or other chemicals production in comparison with flakes, and is produced using high purity calcium carbonate with triple steps purification process, providing lowest content of impurities, extra pure lime milk is added to control pH control and polish the final product.


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