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Food additives

Zirax Fudix calcium chloride anhydrous 95-98% pellets and powder for food preservation

Zirax Fudix calcium chloride anhydrous 95-98% has a versatile range of applications in the food industry:

  • cheese production for improving the process of milk protein coagulation
  • brewing and clarification improvement in brewing industry
  • fruits and vegetables pre- and postharvest treatment for longer storage
  • fruits and vegetables preservation (canning, pickling)
  • water treatment for soft drinks production
  • refrigerating agent for freezing meat, fish, fruits and ice-cream
  • jelly products (ice topping, fruit preparation, jams etc)

Comparing with low concentrated analogues, Fudix has significant benefits for application in food industry, including:

  • Fudix is a HIGHLY-CONCENTRATED MATERIAL and provides at least 18% economy per metric ton of product in logistics and labor costs
  • Fudix is produced using high purity calcium carbonate with a triple step purification process, providing lowest content of impurities.

Zirax Fudix calcium chloride anhydrous 95-98% pellets and powder, food additive E-509

Zirax Fudix is produced in accordance with Zirax corporate production standards, which have been developed to correspond to both Russian and international standards for food additive E-509:

  • Codex Alimentarius (JECFA)
  • FCC (Food Chemical Codex) 6th edition
  • European Directive 231 / 2012 dated 9 March 2012

Fudix is certified according to Kosher and Halal requirements.

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