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Such diversified geo positions let Zirax to make customers the best economically reasonable option. An excellent geo location of Egyptian plant at a port city Port Said West let Zirax to propose competitive prices for majority of destinations along with the shortest transit time and the maximum possible variety of destinations for delivery.

Our UniPell™ calcium chloride is a versatile product used in an extremely broad range of commercial and industrial applications. This is a product of high purity making it attractive to the higher specification end of the wider industrial market.

UniPell™ calcium chloride is used in dozens of specialised applications. For instance, UniPell™ is a source of calcium in many chemical processes, an agent for fluoride and silicate removal in wastewater treatment, an additive in cement kilns that lowers cement alkali level, and an ingredient in freezing brines.

UniPell™ calcium chloride is a white anhydrous calcium chloride high purity pellet (94-98%), manufactured by utilising synthetic hydrochloric acid. It is supplied in a small particle size and meets ASTM D 98-05, AASHTO M144 and GOST 450-77 requirements for calcium chloride purity. ASTM classification for UniPell™ calcium chloride is Type S, Grade 3 and Class B.

Areas of application:

  • Agricultural Nutrients
    Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets (CaCl2) ionic components - calcium (Ca) and chloride (Cl) - are essential for plant nutrition and health and can appreciably improve yields. Zirax Calcium Chloride is widely used in fertilizer manufacture and on farm, orchards and other agricultural endeavors.

  • Animal Feed
    Liquid Calcium Chloride pellets is a more convenient source of macronutrient calcium in liquid animal feed supplements than the more-often-used limestone. It is the most often used by liquid feed supplement makers, cattle ranches and feedlots, dairies and hog farmers.

  • Dust Control
    A gravel road's ability to handle traffic over the long term depends on aggregate density and compaction, which, in turn, depend to a great degree on aggregate gradation and moisture content.

  • Fluoride Removal
    Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets provides calcium ions and pH adjustment in removing fluoride ions from wastewater generated by the aluminum, steel, metal finishing, electroplating, glass, ceramic, phosphate rock, fertilizer, TV tube, and fluoride chemical sectors.

  • Gas Drying
    Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets is one of the best materials used in gas drying. The technology lets to speed the process of natural gas production, to increase production capacity, to get clean flue gases, to pick up an economy using efficient technology. Refineries and petrochemical plants require a method to remove dissolved and free water from hydrocarbon streams and can utilize Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets that significantly outperform other means of moisture removal.

  • Ready Mix Concrete acceleration
    Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets accelerate the hydration of cement, which reduces initial and final set time and shrinkage while increasing early strength, surface wear, cold weather protection and workability. It is used in many industry segments, including by manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete, concrete block and pipe. It is also used by paving contractors, engineering firms and construction companies, especially those specializing in concrete placement.

  • Road Base stabilization
    Road base stabilization is the uniform blending, shaping and compaction of carefully selected gravel materials with Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets (1% by weight) to gain maximum improvement in granular bases. The degree of improvement or stabilization is defined by the granular base equivalency (GBE) factor, which compares the strength of stabilized aggregates to standard unstabilized materials. The GBE for Zirax Calcium Chloride base stabilization is generally 1.30, i.e., 100mm of Calcium Chloride pellets - stabilized granular base equates to 130mm of untreated granular base.

  • Tire weighting
    Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets (CaCl2) solution greatly improves vehicle performance when it is used to weight tires on tractors and off-road equipment by improving traction. This improves stopping, starting, acceleration, pushing and pulling, as well as overall stability and tire life on construction sites, farms, mines, ore process facilities and logging operations.

  • Dehumidification
    Absorption of moisture from air is one of the main properties of anhydrous Zirax Calcium Chloride pellets.


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