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Industrial Solutions

Zirax high-quality anhydrous synthetic calcium chloride producer

For more than 10 years, Zirax has been supplying our customers around the world with high-quality anhydrous synthetic calcium chloride, which is used in chemical, petrochemical, construction and mining industries.

Zirax Industrial Solutions based on Anhydrous Calcium Chloride helps our customers to reduce production costs for wastewater treatment, effectively solve the environmental problems of dust suppression in the mining sector, accelerates the setting of different cement grades during construction and reduces the costs of drying industrial gases at petrochemical plants.

Effective industrial solutions allow our customers not only to reduce costs with Zirax products, but also to improve the quality of their final products. Because Zirax calcium chloride is made from synthetic products, it has a minimum amount of impurities, which is reflected in the effective and economical use in the core technological processes of our clients.

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