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ICEMELT® blended deicer

ICEMELT® is high performance blended and compacted de-icing material, a specially formulated homogenous combination of calcium chloride with high pure salt in a single granule (chip). ICEMELT® contains a corrosion inhibitor, making it particularly suited to use in municipal, commercial and retail applications. ICEMELT® has a practical melting temperature of -4° F (-20° C).

ICEMELT® blended deicing agent meets fully or exceeds standards ASTM D 98, AASHTO M144 and STO’s requirements.

ICEMELT® blended deicer is used as chemical deicer on highways and motorways, sidewalks, entryways and pavements, sharp curves in roads, ramps, areas around buildings: parking lots, steps and walks. This product is recommended for deicing asphalt and concrete surfaces that have been designed and constructed for winter conditions.

Quantity and melting action depend upon air and pavement temperatures, storm conditions, thickness of compacted ice and snow.

ICEMELT® gives significant benefits:

Provides the most melting long lasting effect due to combination in single chip of two deicing salts in well-balanced proportion as 1:3 (synergy effect) which ensures better performance than competing deicing materials
Proves to be most application friendly and easy in handling, requires less up to 75% application rates compare to other deicers
Works in a wider range of winter temperatures
Do not chemically attack concrete*
Leaves no powdery residue
More environment friendly for soil, grass, lawns and plants when applied correctly

*ACI (American Concrete) Institutes Guide to Durable Concrete says Calcium Chloride has “negligible” effect on concrete while Magnesium Chloride causes a slow deterioration of concrete surfaces

ICEMELT® blended deicer requires no additional handling, equipment or labor over and above that used for regular deicing agent. Protective clothing, rubber gloves and boots, eye protection are recommended due to adverse effect on leather. This product should be handled in areas with proper ventilation. Refer to MSDS for complete safety and handling guidelines. The product should be stored in dry area preferably indoors on pallets. If stored properly the maximum shelf life is two years and more.

NOTICE: Because use conditions and applicable laws may differ from one location to another and may change with time. Customer is responsible for determining whether products and the information in this document are appropriate for Customer’s use and for ensuring that Customer’s workplace and disposal practices are compliance with applicable laws and other governmental enactments. Seller assumes no obligation or liability for the information in his document. NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN; ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNES FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED.


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