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In extreme weather such as ice or snow, slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents to occur. All outdoor areas have the potential to be hazardous in such conditions, therefore public footpaths, roads, building entrances, pedestrian walkways, shortcuts, sloped areas and all surrounding areas must be assessed to reduce the risk of slips and falls in winter conditions. Other weather provisions include covering walkways with grit, and using barriers to divert pedestrians to less slippery areas.

Good safety management in ice and snow is crucial. Slips and trips account for the majority of workplace accidents, particularly in car parks and paths around public buildings. Risk assessments are therefore vital to prevent accidents and, in the worst case scenario, hospitalization.

Zirax provides high quality deicing materials for various weather conditions. These high performance deicers are designed by Zirax professional technical personnel for effective fight as to ice–crusted ground in wide range of winter conditions. Usage of Zirax deicers makes it possible to make substantial decrease in capital expenditures for winter roads maintenance.

The major advantage of Zirax de-icing materials, such as ICEMELT™ and PREMELT™, is that they generate heat as they dissolve, melting more ice faster at lower temperatures. Zirax products penetrate ice quicker than medium strength flakes or granules due to their shape and density and full meet strict environmental requirements applied in this field.

Calcium Chloride is key element in anti-icing and de-icing strategies, which are used by road departments to maintain roads in winter season. These strategies include prewetting road salt before applying it to the road, use as an anti-icer before or just after as storm begins and treating sand stockpiles to keep them free flowing in cold weather. The ability to liberate heat in an exothermic reaction and attract moisture creates an effective anti-freeze that helps speed up the melting process and the efficiency of snow/ice removal. Smaller quantities are required to achieve the same result.

Zirax supplies de-icing products globally from its manufacturing located in Russia, Rosignano (Italy) and Ebensee (Austria). This provides us with greater strength through more flexible sourcing and the ability to reduce delivery transit time to service the global de-icing market. Zirax deicers are widely available in solid and liquid forms upon request of a customer.



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