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Production Technologies

Modern oil and gas industry cannot function effectively without a whole range of chemical inhibitors that are used at every stage of production - from well drilling and production to processing and subsequent transportation of raw materials. These chemicals are widely used to solve various problems in the oil and gas industry, including:

Corrosion prevention. Corrosion inhibitors make it possible to slow down the process of metal destruction that occurs as a result of the electrochemical process occurring at the border with the environment. Corrosion inhibitors create a protective barrier between the metal and the environment that causes corrosion.

Elimination and prevention of scale formation. During operation, industrial equipment suffers from gradual build-up of various salts, which disable pumps, destroy the surface of the equipment and clog the inner space of tubing and pipelines. In addition, salts formation is possible in the pay zone, which significantly reduces its permeability. Inhibitors and scale removers prevent and destroy inorganic scale deposits.

Paraffin deposits prevention. During oil production (as well as its collection, preparation and transportation) formation of paraffin deposits can occur. Paraffin accumulates on the inner surface of the pipeline, causing a gradual decrease in oil production and often causing breakdowns in wells and pumping units. Paraffin inhibitors make it possible to effectively deal with paraffin deposits in the tubing.

Reservoir and equipment protection from bacteria. This task is perfectly handled by a special bactericide, which allows you to protect expensive equipment from the destructive effects of various microorganisms (as a result of regular use of the bactericide, the service life of the equipment is significantly increased).

Neutralization of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. The presence of hydrogen sulfide in well production causes severe corrosion of oilfield equipment, clogging of injection wells with iron sulfides, and ecological issues. Hydrogen sulfide scavengers effectively remove hydrogen sulfide from water-in-oil emulsions, commercial oil, natural gas condensate, gas and water systems.

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