Head Office
Zirax Limited
14 Old Queen Street
London SW1H 9HP


Zirax & Polyex: a wide range of oilfield chemicals

Oil and gas producing companies cannot function without a huge range of chemical products nowadays. There are various areas of application for oilfield chemicals - starting from drilling and production up to refining and transportation.

Our company produces more than 50 positions of different chemicals. The most demanded are:

  • Chemicals for workover operations and production maintenance: complex surfactant for non-damaging completion & well killing operations;
  • Chemicals for enhanced oil recovery & fracturing: self-diverting acid compound and acid compositions;
  • Chemicals for the anticorrosive protection of the equipment;
  • Chemicals for water influx protection & well injectivity leveling: emulsifiers, oil film washing off compositions.

We perform complete cycle of works starting from design of the chemicals and the techniques of their application up to adjusting products and techniques in our laboratory to the particular geotechnical conditions for the customer. We also provide the services on advising and rational effective use of some chemical methods for enhanced oil recovery and well stimulation.

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