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Zirax oilfields chemicals

Zirax, in collaboration with Polyex and NIIPAV, specializes in the development of innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry. Zirax performs a complete works cycle, starting with the design of the chemical to its application methods and supervision. Modern labs allow the adjusting of products to each customer's particular geotechnical conditions. Zirax always supports products with technical assistance.

Zirax: effective solutions for oilfield

Zirax has proved its efficiency and reliability to a number of leading oilfield service companies in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, CIS and the North Sea.

Zirax is one of the global leaders in developing, producing and marketing Clear Brine Fluids for oil & gas drilling and workover operations.

Completion fluids are based on sodium and calcium chloride, which are distinguished by a high content of the main substance (94 - 99%), absence of impurities and a minimum content of iron salts. This makes it possible to prevent salt precipitation in the formation during operations.

To overcome the negative impact of the completion process on the pay zone, Zirax offers a wide range of completion technologies, including fluid loss pills, modified salt systems, wetting agents and emulsion systems.

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