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Zirax: effective solutions for oilfield

Oilfield chemistry is a whole active developing sector in modern industry which main priorities are oil extraction optimization, fuel production and associated products development.

Russian company Zirax alongside with sister company Polyex are specialized in developing innovate solutions for oil and gas companies.

We perform complete cycle of works starting from design of the chemicals and the techniques of their application up to adjusting products and techniques in our laboratory to the particular geotechnical conditions for the customer. We are a chemical manufacturer which also provides our customers with technical assistance in chemical application area.

Our main focus of interest:

  • Oilfield chemicals, its development and application;
  • Technologies for enhanced oil recovery;
  • Technologies for increasing permeability after fracturing;
  • Products for non-damaging well killing with maintaining reservoir characteristics
  • Solutions for bottom-hole area treatment;
  • Completion after drilling and flow profile alignment.

Where the company’s products are applied?

Our products are ready and proven solutions for all stages of oil and gas fields.

  • Complex technologies in deep acid treatments

Provide uniform and rapid reagent penetration in the formation, filtration properties improvement in the bottom-hole area, intake capacity regulation in reservoir.

  • Injection of self-diverging systems

For carbonate reservoirs, can increase production rate by acid treatment with gelling existing pores and formation of completely new ones.

  • Solutions for water inflow isolation

Used for lowering water cut, carrying out isolation works, flow redistribution.

  • Solutions for preventing paraffin and asphaltenes deposits.

We have developed strong relationships with a number of the leading oilfield service companies, providing product for use in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, CIS and the North Sea.

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