Corporate policy

Zirax is one of the largest chemical production companies in Russia, which holds leading positions in the industry.

Mineral salt and bischofite deposits, wide range of raw materials , proximity to the main transportation hubs and global markets, fundamental innovation capacities such as in-house research and development center, and good connections with the leading R&D Institutes make it possible to perform gradual diversification of the Company’s product line.


Our Company is focused on the maximum satisfaction of Customers’ needs not just by offering a wide range of the top quality products but also through the provision of high level services: technical support, integrated supplies of raw materials and other additional services.

Continuous monitoring of the chemical market environment, analysis of the global trends regarding the development of the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as of the «bottlenecks» of the Russian chemical industry contribute to the concentration of the Company’s activity on the most promising perspectives and taking timely management decisions aimed at optimization of the production portfolio.

Focus on the honest mutually beneficial cooperation is one of the key Company’s business principles. This cooperation includes not only the existing worksite partners but also customers, financial institutions and public authorities. In the current market, particularly during the gradual integration of the Russian business into the world economy, maximum satisfaction of the Customers' needs for quality, product range and service level is one of the key conditions that ensure Company's stability in the market. For this very reason it is essential for our Company to expand the range of the services provided related to both timely shipments of the required quantities and technical post-sale support.


High quality product is a key factor that determines the Company’s place in the market, its development perspectives and image of the reliable partner. Considering high competitive market with constantly increasing requirements to the product and service quality, expansion of the high-tech manufacturing facilities susceptible to changes in characteristics of the raw material/material used, one of the most important targets of any steadily developing company is to establish effective quality control and management systems.

Zirax continuously improves management and manufacturing technologies by implementing actions on a step-by-step basis to enhance the product quality.

Thanks to the powerful scientific basis – in-house research and development center, the Company has an opportunity to approach each Client individually regarding the manufacture of a product that meets Customer-specific technical requirements.

The Company pays particular attention to the gradual establishment of the fully functional quality management system throughout the entire manufacturing route, starting from careful selection and continuous monitoring of the personnel qualification and finishing with the implementation of the up-to-date solutions for the chemical technologies and manufacturing control.

In June 2013 Top Management of Zirax took a decision to establish, implement and certify the Quality Management System for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 international standard.

In June 2014 a certification audit was conducted and in September a certification agency -SGS Company –issued a Compliance Certificate of the Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2008, that confirms high quality of the Company’s products and conformance of the Company’ s management systems to the international level.

Implementation of certain actions during the integration of the Quality Management System made it possible for Zirax to optimize the internal processes thus reducing the expenses and increasing the production rates, and to lay the ground for Customer base expansion and sales increase owing to the ISO 9001:2008 certified companies including foreign companies for which ISO 9001 Certificate means Company’s reliability, effectiveness and stability.

Certification of the management system gives clear evidence that the Company’s management system is established in accordance with the international requirements, maintained effectively and ensures stable high quality of the products and services.


Presently not a single successfully developing company can function without the effective environment management and nature protection systems. The Company sets its environment activity focus on continuous reduction and prevention of adverse industrial impact on the environment, and preservation of the natural environment within the industry affected zones of the Company. The following programs are in the Environmental Policy priority list: «Clean air», «Clear water», «Reduction of production wastes», «Improvement of the Environmental Management System», «Continuous environmental monitoring of the natural environment locations in the industry affected zones» and «Rehabilitation of disturbed soils».


Until quite recently numerous social programs such as housing improvement, non-state pension and charity support of Company’s long-service employees, financial support of the orphan boarding schools, sport clubs and schools, recovery of expenses incurred by the Company’s employees due to expensive medical treatment and paid surgeries, health and wellness program for the Company’s employees and their families, etc. have been used in the Company.

Sad to say, current external economic factors caused by the world financial crisis forced the Company’s Management to significantly reduce budgeting of the existing social programs. While doing that Zirax Management pursued the only target – minimize the impact of negative economic factors both on the Company and its employees and their families and maintain employment status of the qualified personnel.

We are trying to do our best to keep our business partners, customers and government institutions satisfied with our efforts and make our employees and their families feel confident about the Company’s future.


The Modern Slavery Act is a globally leading piece of legislation. It sets out a range of measures on how modern slavery and human trafficking should be dealt with in the UK. Whilst not all of the Act is directly relevant for business, section 54 entitled 'Transparency in supply chains' impacts the corporate sector. The Act, which came into force on 29th October 2015, requires many businesses to disclose a 'slavery and human trafficking statement'. Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement.