Our policy

Relations with patrners

Our Company is focused on the maximum satisfaction of Customers’ needs not just by offering a wide range of the top quality products but also through the provision of high level services: technical support, integrated supplies of raw materials and other additional services.

Continuous monitoring of the chemical market environment, analysis of the global trends regarding the development of the chemical and petrochemical industries contribute to the concentration of the Company’s activity on the most promising perspectives and taking timely management decisions aimed at optimization of the production portfolio.

One of the key conditions that ensure Company's stability in the market is maximum satisfaction of the Customers' needs in quality, product range and service level.

Quality managment

Zirax implemented Quality Management System as an important part of the company’s business activity. Company’s Quality policy is aimed to produce excellent product complying with international standards and meeting consumers’ requirements and expectations.

By Following the Quality Management System Zirax, optimizes the internal processes by reducing the expenses and increasing the production rates, extends company’s reputation as reliable, effective and stable manufacture.

Compliance Certificate of the Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2018 confirms high quality of Zirax products and conformance of Company’ s management systems to the international level.

Social Responsibility 

Zirax acts on different levels of responsibility:

Internal responsibility includes workplace safety, competitive salary, medical insurance, opportunities for training or retraining of personnel, the ability to receive financial assistance in an emergency cases. Zirax welcomes and encourages constructive suggestions from employees to change or improve existing business practices.

External responsibility concerns charitable work, environment care, business responsibility to consumers, as well as effective contacts with local authorities and communities.

Modern slavery act

The Modern Slavery Act is a globally leading piece of legislation. It sets out a range of measures on how modern slavery and human trafficking should be dealt with in the UK. Whilst not all of the Act is directly relevant for business, section 54 entitled 'Transparency in supply chains' impacts the corporate sector. The Act, which came into force on 29th October 2015, requires many businesses to disclose a 'slavery and human trafficking statement'. Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement.