Zirax is one of the global leaders in developing, producing and marketing Clear Brine Fluids for oil and gas drilling & workover operations.

Our completion fluids are based on sodium and calcium chloride, which are distinguished by a high content of the main substance (94 - 99%), absence of impurities and a minimum content of iron salts. This makes possible to prevent salt precipitation in the formation during operations.

To overcome the negative impact of the completion process on the pay zone, Zirax offers a wide range of completion technologies, including fluid loss pills, modified salt systems, wetting agents and emulsion systems.

Clear brine fluid

Zirax  Calcium Chloride is provided as a white high purity pellet (94-98%), manufactured using synthetic hydrochloric acid.

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Filtercake breaker

Well completion after drilling is the final stage of well construction and it greatly affects achieving designed well production. The elimination of the drilling mud’s negative effect on the pay zone improves the well’s productivity.

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Fluid loss pill

Fluid loss pill for well completion.

To prevent fluid filtration during well completion, a fluid loss pill Plastirox is injected into the filter interval. A low-permeability filter cake forms on the inner surface. The filter cake prevents the loss of fluids into the formation, eliminates well control problems and preserves the reservoir properties for the required time.

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Formation protection

The use of wetting agents in completion fluids is designed for changing the pores’ surface wettability in the pay zone. This reduces the depth of reservoir impregnation with brine, facilitates its removal from the formation during well completion and commissioning, and impedes rehydration during subsequent completion cycles.

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