For more than 10 years, Zirax has been supplying our customers around the world with high-quality anhydrous synthetic calcium chloride, which is used in chemical, petrochemical, construction and mining industries.

Zirax Industrial Solutions based on Anhydrous Calcium Chloride helps our customers to reduce production costs for wastewater treatment, effectively solve the environmental problems of dust suppression in the mining sector, accelerates the setting of different cement grades during construction and reduces the costs of drying industrial gases at petrochemical plants.

Effective industrial solutions allow our customers not only to reduce costs with Zirax products, but also to improve the quality of their final products. Because Zirax calcium chloride is made from synthetic products, it has a minimum amount of impurities, which is reflected in the effective and economical use in the core technological processes of our clients.

Road dust suppression

Measures to prevent dust on roads are necessary to ensure safe tire grip. The roughness of the surface and the elastic material of the treads of the tires allow the wheels to be pressed into the surface and adhere to the road. This ultimately guarantees safe driving. In poor contact with the road, which occurs if a layer of dust settles on a dry road surface, road grip is reduced by two or three times, sometimes comparable to driving on slippery ice.

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Calcium Chloride is a key element in de-icing strategies, which are used by municipalities to maintain tarmac road surfaces in the winter season. These strategies include pre-wetting road salt before applying it to the road, use as an anti-icer before or just after a snow storm begins and treating sand stockpiles to keep them free flowing in cold weather. The ability to liberate heat in an exothermic reaction and to attract moisture creates an effective anti-freeze that helps speed up the melting process and the efficiency of snow/ice removal.

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Transportation of bulk cargo during winter

Transportation of bulk cargo in the cold season is a complex technical task. When solid materials (coal, crushed stone, etc.) are transported in open wagons in winter, they often freeze to the walls of the wagons or even freeze into a single monolith.

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Acceleration of hardening, setting of concrete

At normal humidity, concrete hardening to brand strength is achieved within 28 days. In some cases, when working with concrete and reinforced concrete structures, it becomes necessary to accelerate this period. Acceleration of the hardening process is also used at low temperatures. Acceleration of concrete setting is carried out in two main ways:

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Industrial gases drying

The use of gases in various industries creates the need to search for new design solutions for the process of extraction, transportation and distribution of these products. However, the presence of moisture in gases leads to a number of failures during their transportation.

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Water treatment

Calcium chloride is a good source of calcium and a way to regulate the pH balance, so it can be successfully used to improve water characteristics. Calcium plays the role of a coagulant - a precipitating agent.

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Paper production

Nowadays, color printing is becoming more and more common in the office and at home. Paper quality is critical for achieving good color.

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