One of the main goals in well development is to increase oil flow from the reservoir. To achieve this goal, acid treatment is used. The purposes of acidizing:

  • Cleaning the pay zone from corrosion products and various deposits;
  • Increasing rock permeability;
  • Well productivity increase.

Acid formulations from Zirax for the oil and gas industry are hydrochloric acid solutions with active additives that can solve a wide variety of problems.

  • FLUXOCORE 110 is used in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs during well completion after drilling. This solution is designed to break down clays and polymers. FLUXOCORE 110 ensures the destruction of the mud cake, removes the negative impact of the mud filtrate on the formation and cleans the pay zone from any blockage. FLUXOCORE 110 is used as a permeability increasing solution after hydraulic fracturing.
  • FLUXOCORE 210 allows treating production wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. It has a high dissolving power, does not form an emulsion with oil, has a low corrosive activity, and results in a more intense oil inflow.
  • KSPEO-2 N is designed for the efficient treatment of injection wells in carbonate reservoirs with injection of any water type and in sandstone reservoirs with produced water or waste water.
  • SURFOGEL grade A is a gel forming component in HCl-based self-diverting acid stimulation fluids for treatment with FLUXOCORE 210. The technology is designed for treatment in carbonate fractured and porous fractured reservoirs with multiple heterogeneity layers.
  • Emulsifier EMITRIT is designed to make hydrocarbon based emulsions used for flow diverting during acid treatment in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs with low pressure and during massive acid treatment of production wells in high temperature conditions.
  • Emulsifier EKS-EM is designed to make hydrocarbon based emulsions used as a flow-diverting chemical during acid stimulation and massive acidizing of production wells in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.

All our acid compositions can be supplied as HCl additives for final preparation on site.

Acidizing after drilling/fracturing

The main purpose of FLUXOCORE 110 is to neutralize the mud cake that often appears on the reservoir surface. This filter cake usually occurs if the solution used contains weighting agents - clay or barite, as well as polymers. The crust reduces the permeability of the pay zone and reduces oil production. FLUXOCORE 110 can be used with reservoir temperatures under 140°C/300°F.

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Production well acidizing

Acid formulations are widely used in well development to recover or increase oil or gas flow from a formation. An essential role in this process is played by both the quality of the acid and special additives aimed for increasing treatment efficiency.

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Injection well acidizing

KSPEO-2 N is designed to improve the injectivity in injection wells when it was affected by formation plugging with rust precipitation and solid particles or salts from injected water.

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Flow diverting acidizing

 A “smart acid” treatment means that at the beginning of the treatment, a gel or another flow diverter is injected, which diverts the acid and actually closes the pores that already exist in the formation. The acid composition, reacting with the existing rock, forms so-called "wormholes", which after the destruction of the gel become additional pores, which improve permeability.

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