H2S Scavengers

One of the most serious problems for oil and gas producing and refining companies is the contamination of products with hydrogen sulfide and light mercaptans. Hydrogen sulfide is an explosive and toxic substance, poisonous and which can cause serious damage to the respiratory and nervous systems, and in high concentrations it may even cause death. The high corrosiveness of hydrogen can cause failure of equipment and pipelines.

When concentrations of hydrogen sulfide are at moderate levels or the object of purification is complicated, for example, heavy fuel oil, the most effective solution is to use chemical cleaning methods, like hydrogen sulfide scavengers.

Zirax offers PS and Z-Scav H2S scavengers, which can be applied in different ways:

  • Commercial oils purification;
  • H2S and mercaptans elimination at completion, maintenance and repair works for complicated wells;
  • Purification of formation waters containing H2S and mercaptans;
  • Treatment of bottom waters to be injected into formation;
  • Purification of oil-water emulsion (fluids showing oil-gas and water).