Flow diverting acidizing

 A “smart acid” treatment means that at the beginning of the treatment, a gel or another flow diverter is injected, which diverts the acid and actually closes the pores that already exist in the formation. The acid composition, reacting with the existing rock, forms so-called "wormholes", which after the destruction of the gel become additional pores, which improve permeability.

FLUXOCORE 210 is used as a basic composition for self-diverting acid treatment with gelling agent SURFOGEL grade A.  By adjusting SURFOGEL grade A concentration depending on the geological conditions and objectives, it is possible to regulate the viscosity of self-diverting acid composition making it possible to use even with coiltubing.

Zirax also offers an effective technology for acid treatment with high water cut.

FLUXOCORE 210 can be used for highly drowned oil and gas production wells (water cut higher than 70%) after temporary blockage of high-permeability zones by injection of hydrocarbon emulsions with emulsifiers EKS-EM (for formation temperatures under 70°C) or EMITRIT(for formation temperatures under 100°C).

In case of 80-90% water cut level, the blockage of water influx can be performed with sediment forming composition EMCO or TAMOLEX. After blockage, acidizing with  FLUXOCORE 210 is performed.