Drag reducing agents

Drag reducing agents are used at different transportation stages of oil and oil products. Their application reduces the excess pressure at pumping stations, which leads to a decrease in accidents and risks of environmental accidents. Drag reducing agents are also required to improve the energy efficiency of oil pipelines and oil product pipelines, reduce costs when it is necessary to increase the throughput of oil pipelines.

In conditions when it is impossible to make changes in the pipeline design DRA remains one of the main chemical solutions. For this purpose, Zirax offers SoftStream drag reducing agent.

SoftStream DRA advantages:

  • Reducing the pressure in the pipeline and increasing the pipeline‚Äôs output by 30-50% at 5-15 ppm dosage;
  • Possibility of hydraulic simulation;
  • Quality control of each batch produced, including efficiency bench tests;
  • Optimization of consumption rates depending on the season.