Acceleration of hardening, setting of concrete

Zirax Calcium Chloride
Zirax Calcium Chloride

At normal humidity, concrete hardening to brand strength is achieved within 28 days. In some cases, when working with concrete and reinforced concrete structures, it becomes necessary to accelerate this period. Acceleration of the hardening process is also used at low temperatures. Acceleration of concrete setting is carried out in two main ways:


  • Adding chemicals that accelerate the cement hydration time and shorten the technological cycle.
  • Isothermal concrete heating, which allows to speed up the process as much as possible.

Zirax Calcium Chloride allows concrete to be hardened in a short time. It is used as a hardener in a number of industries:

  • Production of ready-mixed concrete;
  • Manufacture of blocks with pipes;
  • Construction of reinforced concrete structures;
  • Concrete laying;
  • Production of road surface.


Calcium chloride in a ratio of 2% by weight of the binder, can achieve significant results:

  • reduce the consumption of cement by 10% without changing the composition strength;
  • reduce the setting time by 3 times;
  • increases by 3 times the usage life of cementing forms;
  • increase the surface strength by 1.5 times;
  • prevent the appearance of chips, improving presentation;
  • increase the ultimate strength by 10%;
  • reanimate stale cements.